Samsung OLED panel products will use Corning Lotus NXT glass 7th,May,2019

                                           Recently, Corning announced that Samsung Display has chosen Corning Lotus NXT glass for its low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) organic light emitting diode (OLED) panel product line.

As a global leader in display panel technology and products, Samsung Display chose Lotus NXT glass as the backplane because it gives the display a higher resolution and is more energy efficient. The LTPS-OLED panels produced by Samsung Display will then be used by their customers in their high-resolution smartphones and tablets.

The Lotus NXT glass currently used by Samsung Display is used in the Galaxy Note5, the latest product launched by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. on August 13. The product is equipped with a 5.7-inch quadruple HD AMOLED display with rich multimedia and multi-tasking capabilities. The dimensionally stable LotusNXT glass supports higher pixels per inch, enabling the Galaxy Note5 to display clear, realistic, and vivid images.

Corning unveiled its third generation of glass products for high performance displays, LotusNXT Glass, on June 1. The product has excellent Total Spacing Deviation (TPV), an indispensable element in panel performance for extremely high resolution and vivid, bright displays.

“We are very pleased to continue our long tradition of cooperation with Samsung Display,” said Michael Kunigonis, Director of High Performance Display Business at Corning Glass. “With the application of Lotus NXT glass in the Galaxy Note5, Corning assisted Samsung in creating stunning high-definition displays to meet today's consumer expectations for performance.”

In addition to Lotus NXT glass, Galaxy Note5 is also equipped with Corning? The fourth generation of gorillas? Glass, the industry's leading cover glass, is now used in more than 4 billion units. When dropped on a rough surface, the fourth generation of Gorilla Glass has greater resistance to damage, making it an ideal choice for consumer electronics.