ATEN is helping LCD and OLED panel intelligent production line efficiency upgrade 13th,July,2020

                                           The three-day SEMICON CHINA2020 kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 27. ATEN Hongzheng (Booth No.: E1-1102) brought its remote management and control solution (RCM) to this exhibition.

The rapid development of science and technology has not only accelerated social progress, but also profoundly changed our lives. PCs, smart TVs, smart phones, mobile wearables, VR, AR, etc... In the foreseeable future, these devices will soon become a necessity for work and life. However, the development of these industries is inseparable from the support of LCD and OLED panels.

Throughout the global flat panel display industry, the technology of major manufacturers has become more mature. The improvement of the efficiency of the supply chain is one of the important factors restricting the sales of display panels. The pain points faced by many LCD and OLED manufacturers are how to improve efficiency in the production process, reduce the defect rate, and improve the safety of the production line.

As we all know, the production process of LCD panels is extremely complex. The span between production lines is up to 500-600 meters. It takes time and effort for the operator to shuttle between the various production lines. At the same time, the operation of the inspection equipment is very cumbersome and requires high personnel. The discrimination device performs real-time grade judgment. In addition, the frequent access and operation of personnel in the clean room workshop not only wastes manpower, but also causes hidden safety hazards in the production link to soar.

In response to the pain points of LCD and OLED manufacturing companies, ATEN Hongzheng Remote Centralized Control Solution (RCM) came into being. The ATEN solution provides instant connection between multiple production lines, accelerates collaboration and integration between different production lines, and tailors a remote management and control solution for LCD/OLED panel manufacturing production lines to help production companies reduce costs and increase efficiency. Realize intelligent management. This solution has the advantages of simple installation and rapid deployment, so as to reduce installation costs, and can be integrated with the company's existing production system to achieve centralized management and control of multiple machines, reducing the access and operation of personnel in the clean room workshop, thereby saving Human resources cost, improve management efficiency.


LCD/OLED panel manufacturing intelligent production line solution

It is reported that ATEN's RCM solution has been successfully applied to many global large LCD/OLED manufacturers. According to the feedback from relevant users, by deploying ATEN's customized intelligent production line RCM solution, it has achieved organic integration with existing production systems, real-time remote control of multiple machines, real-time handling of emergencies and real-time equipment operations; reduction Frequent personnel enter and leave the production line, significantly improving safety; real-time screen monitoring, alarming, automatic dispatching, operation management of multiple production line equipment, saving labor costs and production costs, and significantly improving efficiency; achieving rapid expansion of the factory and accelerating the new The speed of product production line.

After 41 years of industry accumulation, they are well versed in the perfect fusion of Pro AV and KVM. ATEN is focusing on innovation and R&D, focusing on product quality, obtaining excellent user reputation and high market share, and KVM market share is the first in China. With more than 525 global patents and up to 1800 product and application solution combinations, ATEN has a large user base. In the future, ATEN will always closely cooperate with all walks of life, through technology and innovation, continue to provide stable, safe and flexible connection solutions.