Inventory of OLED innovation technology: boosting the high-quality development of the lighting industry

                                       In recent years, double-layer, high-efficiency organic electroluminescent devices (OLED) have relied on high brightness, high efficiency, wide viewing angle, autonomous light emission, all-solid-state, ultra-thin and ultra-light, simple production process, and faster response speed. Advantages, began to be widely promoted in the field of screen display. At the same time, the two major industrial fields of lighting and display have already begun to merge with each other on the research and application side, and OLED lighting has also begun to enter the daily life of the public, becoming a potential stock for the development of the lighting industry.

In the field of lighting, OLED can not only be used as indoor and outdoor general lighting, backlight and decorative lighting, but also can produce artistic flexible luminous wallpaper, monochromatic or colorful luminous windows, wearable luminous warning signs, etc. The products have broad development prospects in the lighting hotspot applications such as domestic cultural tourism night tours and smart homes.

For this reason, China Lighting Network hopes to bring new ideas that can be used for reference for the high-quality development of the national lighting industry through an inventory of a series of innovative technologies related to OLED in the world in recent years.

1. Stretchable OLED materials

In March of this year, the team of Professor Park Jinwoo of Yonsei University in South Korea produced all scalable OLED components and developed a scalable OLED material. Such materials can be applied to mobile phones whose screens can be changed in size or shape, wearable devices that are closer to the skin, and more realistic three-dimensional tactile displays.