Hisense Laser shows its patented technology dominance, and the world has reached these three consensuses 5th,Jan,2022

                                        [Blue Technology Observation] Only laser display technology, at the time of global display technology iteration, moved the coordinates of display technology dominated by Japan and South Korea to China in the past.

This glory undoubtedly belongs to Hisense laser display technology. The setting of the global authority is not so much affirmation of Hisense's persistence in the field of laser display, but rather a tribute to China for finally filling the gap in display technology.

This historical confession, only those who really understand and understand Chinese home appliances will have a real feeling.

Recently, the global intellectual property comprehensive information service provider incoPat Innovation Index Research Center and IPRdaily Chinese website jointly released the "Laser Display Technology Patent Ranking (TOP100)", the number of valid and pending patents in China published as of November 30, 2021 According to statistical analysis, among the top 100 companies, China accounted for 66%, followed by Japan and the United States, accounting for 19% and 9% respectively. Hisense ranks first with 753 patents, leading the technology output in the field of laser display with absolute advantage.

Consensus 1: At the turning point of China's color TV industry, Hisense uses laser display technology as a breakthrough point to fill the gap in China's lack of core display technology.

At this moment, Chinese color TV people waited for half a century.

From the birth of China's first TV in 1958 to 2007, if this is the first half of the 100-year history of China's color TV industry, the true protagonist of the first half does not belong to China's color TV industry strictly speaking.

The Chinese TV industry in the last world had production capacity, foundry capacity, and consumption capacity, but it had no core display technology. Everything was dependent on the outside world. Display technology constrains the voice and pricing power of China's TV industry, and it also affects the brand power of Chinese TV companies.

Take color TVs as an example. Since the beginning of reform and opening up, color TV production lines have been madly introduced throughout the country, and China has become a global color TV manufacturing country. But in fact, the development of the TV industry has always been dominated by Japan and South Korea. From the fields of black and white display, color display, and digital display technology, China lacks core technology in the display field.

2007 was a watershed for China's color TV industry.

The article "Winter in China's Color TV Industry" wrote: In 2007, China's CRT (traditional picture tube) production advantage is being lost, and many CRT and glass shell factories have ceased production and closed. That year, the output of CRT TVs fell to 60 million units, accounting for less than 70 million of the total output. %, LCD TVs continue to heat up, accounting for about 30% of the total output.

At the same time, China's color TV industry exported 47.88 million units that year, 44.6% lower than the same period last year. All these changes are due to the flat-panel TV boom in the TV industry. In the battle between the old and new forces, CRT and flat-panel TVs, flat-panel TVs were growing rapidly as a new species at that time.

This year, Hisense made a major turning point that changed the globalization process of China's color TV industry-fully researching laser display technology.

The courage of Hisense's laser display technology lies in the fact that they have chosen the most difficult and even the most dangerous road at the turning point in the history of China's color TV industry. Without warning, enter the field of laser display as a pioneer.