LG Display to launch 20-inch OLED panel within this year 19th,August,2022

                                                   According to Korean media the Elec, LG Display plans to launch a 20-inch OLED panel for personal devices by the end of this year. The news has been confirmed by LG Display.

Recently, Kang Won-seok, vice president of LG Display, said at a forum hosted by the Korea Display Industry Association that during the epidemic, the demand for personal displays has increased, and the new panel size models are designed to meet this demand.

LG Display has yet to comment on mass production plans for its 20-inch OLED panel, so it's unclear whether the panel will be available in monitors and laptops in 2023. It also didn't reveal details about the resolution or other specs.

He added that OLED panels for games pursue immersive picture effects during development, while OLED panels for traditional TVs hope to provide natural vision.

Earlier this year, LG Display said it planned to develop 20-inch and 30-inch OLEDs for PC gaming at some point in the future. Demand for gaming OLED panels has also increased during the pandemic, where fast response time is a top priority, and the company is working to ensure that the realistic resolution of its panels remains the same even when the surrounding environment is too bright.

It is reported that LG Display is also currently working to acquire a bendable OLED technology and is in talks with a customer to develop the technology. Kang Won-seok revealed that the technology allows consumers to control the curvature of the screen according to the game they are playing. Analysis shows that most consumers prefer a curvature between 800R-1000R (equivalent to a circle with a radius of 1000mm).

Kang Won-seok also said that the company's white OLED technology is the only one that can offer a bendable screen because it uses only one substrate. Although not explicitly stated, it was a blow to Samsung Display's quantum-dot OLED screens, which use two glass substrates.

He also said that LG Display plans to launch a 77-inch transparent OLED screen next year. Currently, LG Display's largest transparent OLED screen is 55 inches.

LG Display is mass-producing small OLED panels for watches and smartphones, as well as large OLED panels for TVs, ranging in size from 42 inches to an upcoming 97 inches. For the consumer market, there is no difference between the two, but this will change in the near future.