2021 World Display Industry Conference 11th,Oct,2021

                                           By the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,

Sponsored by the Anhui Provincial People's Government

2021 World Display Industry Conference

Held in Hefei from June 17th to 18th.

The theme of this conference is "Show the world and see the future",

It mainly includes the opening ceremony, main forum, theme forum, multiple project roadshows, corporate supply and demand matchmaking and other activities.

At the same time, new display innovative technology products and application demonstrations will also be held.

The World Display Industry Conference has been successfully held for two consecutive sessions.

Has become a new platform for global exchanges and cooperation in the new display industry,

A new stage for new display technologies of various genres to compete on the same stage,

Promote a new carrier for the development of a new display industry,

A new business card that attracts the concentration of various resources in the new display industry.

This conference will further highlight the four highlights of internationality, professionalism, cutting-edge and cooperation.