HP will sell a professional WinMR headset with two LCD screens next month 22th,Sep,2023

                                             It's been more than a year since the release of Windows MR Devices, and more than half a year since HP and Acer's Windows MR Headsets were officially released. More recently, HP has added a new Windows MR Headset to its lineup, which it plans to sell in March.

This product is a professional version of the Windows MR Helmet, compared to the current ordinary version, the professional version of the change is not much, mainly in the headband added double pads, in addition to provide three removable and washable polyurethane surface pads, in the use of multiple occasions can be replaced and cleaned.

In addition to the above, the HP Pro Windows MR Headset and the ordinary version are no different in appearance and parameters, the same is the built-in insideout position tracking, dual cameras, two 2.89 inch LCD screens, monocular resolution 1440X1440, refresh rate 90Hz. The handle also supports 6DOF, has no tracking limits, and can move freely.

HP's Pro Windows MR Headset costs $449, which is $50 more than the current $399 for the regular version. The Pro device is aimed at enterprise users, and HTC and Oculus, which have previously launched enterprise versions, both offer additional support services to customers who buy Enterprise versions, although it is unclear whether HP will offer similar services to attract enterprise users.