Domestic rise! In addition to BOE, Apple continues to introduce Chinese-made OLED screens 9th,Nov,2023

                                         Although many people ridicule compared with LCD screen, OLED screen has more silly, short life, high price disadvantage, but OLED has been unstoppable, currently all smart phones, OLED screen accounted for more than 40%.

It is expected that by 2025, the proportion of mobile phones with OLED screens will exceed 60% or even higher.

Not only on mobile phones, in computers, and even TVS, OLED is also a trend, compared with LCD, OLED color is brighter, while lower power consumption, thinner, beneficial to mobile phones or TVS, etc., do thinner and lighter.

At present, the three most niu OLED manufacturers are Samsung, OLED, BOE, and Apple's OLED screen are also from these three mobile phone manufacturers, of which Samsung is the most, LG is second, boe entered the Apple supply chain the latest, the least.

The reason why boe entered Apple's supply chain the latest time, of course, is also because the early BOE's technology is not as good as Samsung and LG, so Apple does not look up.

Until later, Huawei in the flagship, a lot of use of BOE's OLED screen, progress with BOE, and then boe is also constantly working hard, technology breakthroughs, in order to let Apple take a look at.

As for which one, it is not clear for the time being, but at present, in addition to BOE, the more advanced OLED screen suppliers are only 3, respectively, TCL, Vicinino, deep Tianma, so the scope is relatively narrow, should be one of the three homes.

According to the statement, Apple next in addition to the use of OLED screens in the 11 inch and 12.9 inch iPad Pro, iPhone series, and even in the 27 inch and 32 inch Mac, as well as the Macbook series, are slowly upgraded to OLED panels.

Of course, this also shows that the current domestic OLED screen is really rising, because Apple's requirements for the supply chain are very strict, can not meet the requirements of Apple, certainly is definitely not, since the introduction of new suppliers, it shows that its quality has met the requirements of Apple, and can PK with Samsung, LG, BOE and so on.