Dialogue Jinko Electronics has illuminated: This year Mini LED backlight 6 major changes 4th,August,2023

                                            Under the downward trend of consumption in 2022, all kinds of consumer electronics markets have encountered obstacles, which also affects the sustainable development of Mini LED backlights. However, it is undeniable that Mini LED is a bright spot in the consumer market and has received widespread attention from consumers.

This year, Mini LED backlight is still "crisis" and "machine" parallel, Mini LED backlight is now gradually stable in the technology and market, but there are Micro LED, after OLED, Mini LED backlight still needs to further explore its competitiveness.

In this regard, the expert said that Display talked to Dr. Zeng Lighting, vice president of the well-known Mini LED backlight enterprise Jinko Electronics, in order to understand the change of Mini LED backlight from the current supply chain, and in this change, to explore the present and future of Mini LED.


TV market characteristics

From this year's consumer market, Mini LED backlight products are still iterating, of which the TV market is still the main battlefield of Mini LED backlight. Jinko Electronics also focuses on the TV market.

■ Product changes

Experts say that Research has counted the TV product launches through July 18, which shows that the TV market this year has more product categories, more sizes and more options in different regions.