After the expected big profit, can BOE get out of the curse of the LCD cycle? 8th,Sep,2022

                                              On the evening of January 20, BOE A released the 2021 annual performance forecast. The company expects to achieve an annual operating income of 215 billion to 220 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 59% to 62%, and realize a net profit of 25.7 billion yuan attributable to shareholders of the listed company. to 26 billion yuan, an increase of 410% to 416% over the same period of the previous year.

Under the high industry boom last year, BOE made a lot of money. Even so, its profit performance exceeded market expectations. According to public information, since BOE went public in 2001, its accumulated net profit attributable to the parent in the past 20 years was 22.492 billion yuan.

One year to 20 years, such a dazzling performance has not been exchanged for due returns in the capital market.

On January 21, the share price of BOE rose slightly by 0.81% to close at 4.99 yuan per share, and this week, BOE fell for two consecutive days. As of the close on January 25, BOE fell 2.01% to close at 4.99 yuan per share. 87 yuan / share.

Another industry giant, TCL Technology, has yet to issue a performance forecast, but its stock price trend was similar to today's BOE when it released its third-quarter report.

The panel duo made a big profit for a year and failed to drive its share price up for no other reason. This is an established big profit. The key is that the LCD price inflection point appears. The domestic LCD duo who made a lot of money did not win the pricing power and did not have the initiative to grasp the profit and loss.